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Cebek I-80 (CI080) - PIR Sensor Timer/Flip-Flop Relay Module

Cebek Electronic Modules

PIR sensor movement detector with relay output. The onboard mains rated relay is activated when movement is detected. The relay-on duration can be user-set between 1 second and 5 minutes, or it can operate in flop flop mode.

The detection range is up to 5 metres. The board has a Reset input (contact closure) that deactivates the relay in any operation mode for as long as the input remains closed. In flip-flop mode, when the output is activated it will remain in this state until the Reset input is used to reset the module or power is removed.

An LED indicates the relay status. The board is reverse polarity protected. Screw terminal blocks for all connections. Can be installed into a DIN-RAIL Ref. C-7562.

Note: Maximum supply voltage is 12Vdc. Do not use with an unregulated power supply or battery capable of exceeding 12V without a voltage regulator like CLB06.

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