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Cebek I-59 (CI059) - 8 Channel Expansion Module for CI057

Cebek Electronic Modules

This expansion module provides an additional 8 relay outputs for the CI057 8 Channel Flexible Sequential Relay Controller Module which can be expanded to a maximum of 256 channels.

With each impulse the CI057 module receives, a relay will be activated in sequence. As the next relay activates, the previous relay will turn off and when the last one has activated, the process will start again.

The CI057 offer the user a flexible range of operating configurations. These include:

  • successive output activation
  • Up, Down and Reset Inputs (push button or 5Vdc control signal)
  • selection of a specific output to restart the cycle
  • output connection duration (Min. 1 sec. / Max. 240 min.)
  • interval duration (time between outputs - Min. 0.3 sec. / Max. 58 sec.)
  • the operating mode through external input impulses

The module can be activated by external impulses or by the internal oscillator built into the module.

When connected to the optional CI058 (4 additional relay outputs) or CI059 (8 additional relay outputs), the CI057 can be expanded to offer a system capability of up to 255 channels. This is achieved through an onboard communication connection (using 4-core cable - Order Code 804.859)

The module includes Up, Down and Reset inputs, protection against inverse polarity, indicator output LED and connection terminals. Requires external 12V dc power supply (Order Code 660.446UK).

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