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Cebek I-55 (CI055) - 8 Channel Sequential Controller Relay Module

Cebek Electronic Modules

This module has 8 relay outputs that operate sequentially using a choice of manual or automatic triggering. With each trigger signal the module receives, the relays are individually activated (stepped) in sequence. As the next relay activates, the previous relay will turn off and when the last one has activated, the process will start again from the first relay.

In Manual mode the relays are "stepped" by external impulses (a simple contact closure). The sequence advances by one step only regardless of the input duration.

In Automatic mode the relays automatically and continuously step through the sequence (starting from relay 1) when the module is powered up. The "step" time period can be adjusted between about 0.3 and 10 seconds.

A Reset input (contact closure operation) returns the current sequence to the Relay 1 position. It will remain at this position until the Reset input is released.

The module has no memory function and will always start from the relay 1 position when first activated.

The module includes protection against inverse polarity, indicator output LED and connection terminals. Requires external 12V dc power supply (Order Code 660.446UK with connector 778.106).

Please see Order Code CI005 for a 4 channel version of this product and CI057 for a more flexible and expandable version of this product .

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