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Cebek I-28 (CI028) - 2-Channel Sequential Relay Timer Module, 2 to 45 Minute

Cebek Electronic Modules

2-channel sequential delay timer relay module with independently settable delay periods from 2 to 45 minutes. Communication I/O connections to daisy chain multiple units. Mains rated relay outputs. Start and Reset switch inputs. Instant-on option.

The module can be activated by the Start Input (using for example a push button or relay contact closure) or by selecting the Instant-On option so it initiates on powering up.

On activation Relay 1 turns on for a user-adjustable delay period. On completion, Relay 1 turns off and Relay 2 turns on for a second user-adjustable delay period. When relay 2 turns off the unit returns to its standby state. A fresh Start Switch input is required to repeat the cycle. This can be performed manually or automatically if you connect the Start Switch input to the relay output of a cyclical timer (e.g. CI010/11/12 or CI110/11/12, 3141 or 1180). This setup provides automatical and continuous retriggering of the CI028 with a user adjustable pause time provided by the cyclical timer to produce a repeating on/off/pause/on/off/pause/etc. effect.

Both delay periods are independently settable from 2 to 45 minutes using the onboard potentiometers (header pins allow the use of user-supplied external potentiometers if required).

A Reset Switch input immediately stops the timing sequence, turns off the active relay and returns the module to its standby state.

Each board has a communication input and output that allows several boards to be daisy chained together in series.

The module has no memory function and will always start from the relay 1 position when first activated.

The module includes protection against inverse polarity, indicator output LEDs and screw terminal blocks. Requires external 12V dc power supply (Order Code 660.446UK with connector 778.106).

You can also use this board for reversing a DC motor.

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