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Cebek I-211 (CI211) - 4 Channel Programmable Sequential Controller Relay Module

Cebek Electronic Modules

Highly flexible 4 channel programmable sequential relay controller module offeriing the following features:

  • Program each channel with up to 240 instruction STEPs
  • Choice of three output states for each STEP:
    • Activate
    • Deactivate
    • Set according to EXternal Input status (one input per channel)
  • Duration of each STEP can be set from 0.5 Sec and 100 Minutes
  • Programmes are stored in non-volatile memory

Each channel has an External Input for connection to a contact closure (e.g. push/slide switch, relay, etc). When the program reaches a STEP set to EXternal it will read the that channels External Input status and Activate the corresponding output if the contacts are closed or Deactivate it if the contacts are open.

Programmes can be deleted or modified as required using the LCD display and push buttons on the display board.

The module includes protection against inverse polarity, output status LEDs and screw terminal connectors. Requires external 12V dc power supply.

Please see Order Code CI210 for a 2 channel version of this product.

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