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Cebek I-207.2 (CI207.2) - 2-Channel Mobile Phone Remote Control Relay Board

Cebek Electronic Modules

This pre-built module plugs into a mobile phone and provides 2 independently controllable mains rated relay outputs. You can then call the mobile from anywhere in the world using any DTMF (tone dialling) landline phone or mobile phone and remotely control the relays as desired.

  • Ideal for use in remote locations with no landline
  • Turn central heating on / off in your holiday home
  • Reset servers / routers (get systems back online quickly without expensive engineer call-outs)
  • Reset alarm systems
  • Turn on / off security lights, cameras, etc.
  • Great use for an old Pay As You Go mobile phone - it only needs to receives calls

It connects to the phones headphone jack socket. The mobile must be set to automatically answer incoming calls in handsfree mode (please check the phone has these features). Call forwarding and messaging must be turned off.

Each relay output can be setup to operate as momentary, toggling or timed (up to 99 minutes 59 seconds). Relays are rated to switch 230Vac mains voltage up to 3A each.

Programming is performed using the remote phone keypad. The board is password protected so only authorised users can operate it.

A 3.5mm jack plug connection lead is supplied.

Module has protection against inverse polarity and a screw terminal block for connections.

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