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Cebek I-204 (CI204) - Coin Operated Timer Control Board, 5 Sec - 999 Min

Cebek Electronic Modules

Programmable timer module for coin operated machines (e.g. tumble dryers, TV's, tanning beds, arcade games, etc.). Control board with mains rated relay output and separate 0.5" LED 4-digit display board. Quartz crystal for accuracy. Onboard switches are used to select a time period of either 5, 10, 15, 30, 60, 90, 120 or 240 seconds or minutes.

When a coin is inserted the relay activates and the preset time starts counting down on the display. Inserting more coins adds further blocks of the same preset time period and the remaining time displayed is updated accordingly. When the countdown reaches zero the relay turns off and the unit awaits further coins.

The coin/token mechanism is not included and simple needs to provide a volt-free contact closure to the boards Time input. A simple push button can also be used instead to activate the board. A Reset input allow you to stop the timing period at any time and returns module to zero, waiting for a new activation.

Includes cover for LED display, protection against inverse polarity and a screw terminal block for connections.

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