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Cebek I-203 (CI203) - BCD Digital Timer LCD Display, 1 Sec - 99H59M

Cebek Electronic Modules

BCD programmable delay timer relay board with separate control and display boards. Quartz crystal for accuracy and two time scales:

  1. From 1 second to 99 minutes 59 seconds
  2. From 1 minute to 99 hours 59 minutes

Delay times are set using BCD pre-selector switches (not included). Relay is activated via the Start Input (using for example a push button or relay contact closure) and turns off at the end of the preset delay period. A Reset input allow you to stop the timing period at any time and returns module to zero, waiting for a new activation.

Includes cover for LED display, protection against inverse polarity and a screw terminal block for connections.

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