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Cebek I-19 (CI019) - 230Vac Delay Timer Triac Module, 2 to 45 Minute

Cebek Electronic Modules

2 to 45 minute delay timer module with a triac output for controlling resistive ac mains loads (e.g. lamps, resistors, etc). The output will stay on until the time period has elapsed. The time delay is fully adjustable using an on-board potentiometer.

The timer is activated using a simple contact closure. The timer will complete the preset timing period regardless of further trigger signals or if the contacts remain closed after activation. Once finished, a fresh trigger signal is needed to start a new timing period.

The board also offers an "Instant-On" mode that disables the trigger input. Instead the timer activates the relay so that the delay countdown will commence immediately power is applied to the board . The relay will stay on until the user-set time period has elapsed. The power must be removed and reapplied for a fresh countdown to commence.

This module is NOT suitable for use with inductive loads (like transformers, neon lamps, halogen lamps with transformer, motors, pumps, etc). See relay output version instead (Order Code CI102).

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