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Cebek I-139 (CI139) - 230Vac Turn-Off Delay Timer Relay Module, 2 to 45 Minute

Cebek Electronic Modules

230Vac mains powered 2 to 45 minute 'Disconnection' or 'Turn-Off' or 'Instant-On and Hold, Delayed-Off' timer module with a mains rated relay output.

When Start input is activated, the relay turns on but the user-set delay period does NOT commence. This state is maintained while the trigger signal is present. Loss of trigger signal starts the delay timing cycle. Relay releases at end of delay period and timer returns to waiting state. Delay period is restarted if trigger input is activated during the turn-off delay time.

Timer is activated via the Start Input (using for example a push button or relay contact closure).

The delay period is adjustable from 2 to 45 minutes using the onboard potentiometers (header pins allow the use of user-supplied external potentiometers if required).

Applications: Allows a pump or fan to remain on for a while after a sensor detects a preset level, to prevent cycling.

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