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Cebek I-103 (CI103) - 230Vac Delay Timer Relay Module, 30 Min to 4 Hour

Cebek Electronic Modules

230Vac powered 30 minutes to 4 hour delay timer module with a mains rated relay output. When activated the relay turns on for the user-set delay period.

Timer is activated via the Start Input (using for example a push button or relay contact closure). The timing sequence is non-retriggerable and will be completed regardless of further trigger signals or if the contacts remain closed after activation. Once finished, a fresh trigger signal is needed to start a new timing period.

An optional "Instant-On" mode disables the trigger input so that the delay countdown will commence immediately power is applied to the board . The relay will stay on until the user-set time period has elapsed. The power must be removed and reapplied for a fresh countdown to commence.

The delay period is adjustable from 30 minutes to 4 hours using the onboard potentiometers (header pins allow the use of user-supplied external potentiometers if required).

An LED indicates that the timer is in operation.

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