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Cebek EDU-005 (CEDU005) - Resistance Decade Box Test Board

Cebek Electronic ModulesAbility Level 5: Professional

The Cebek EDU-005 Resistance Decade Box is used for electronic circuit testing and experiments. The design makes it easy to perform tests with different resistors values without the need to repetitively solder and de-solder components.

The board allows you to select resistors from 4.7 Ohms up to 4M7 with the added benefit of connecting several values in parallel. This circuit has an output for connection clips. Maximum of 1/4 Watt power rating.

Suitable for Students 14 years or over

The EDU series of educational modules from Cebek offer the student the chance to experiment, analyse and learn the basic knowledge of the chosen electronic theme. Their function is to complement the work of the teacher as well as to allow the experimentation of a theoretical theme advocated by the teacher. The comprehensive manual supplied with each module gives detailed information about each experiment and circuit diagrams. Guidance notes for the teacher are provided including operating characteristics, formulas and principles for each component used in the experiments.

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