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Cebek EDU-004 (CEDU004) - Soldering Educational Electronic Project Pack

Cebek Electronic Modules

The Cebek EDU-004 educational pack provides students with a practical hand-on electronic assembly project. It explains how with solder and a soldering iron you join components to the copper tracks of a PCB and bond them electrically and mechanically together.

The pack includes printed circuit boards (PCBs) and electronic components to assemble 10 identical flashing LED oscillator boards. Introduces a variety of electronic components including resistors, capacitors, diodes and transistors. Instructions are supplied on CD-ROM.

Suitable for Students 12 years or over

  • Introduction - Specification of different elements of the electronic soldering, most popular methods, tin alloys, etc.
  • Soldering Iron - Types of soldering irons, maintaining the parts of the soldering iron
  • The Circuit - Description of the practice circuit functions
  • Elements - Work desk, necessary tools, preparation of materials etc
  • The Soldering - Description and process of techniques, advice and drawing
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