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Cebek DTMF-1 (CDTMF1) - DTMF Tone Generator Transmitter Module

Cebek Electronic Modules

Cebek DTMF-1 is a Dual-Tone Multi-Frequency (DTMF) tone generator and transmitter module that allows you to play audible telephone tones using a keyboard. It allows you to generate control sequences on DTMF remote receivers consecutively and play the tone corresponding to the pressed number.

It can memorise 10 registers composed of a maximum of 10 digits and then play them using an automatic operating mode. The output is supplied in low frequency mode (adjustable between 0,1 and 1V), allowing the tones to be injected into microphone or line input.

It is specially designed to transmit the code through the telephone network or by radio-amateur. The remote DTMF key with a control on a maximum of 8 outputs using DTMF-2 or DTMF-3 modules. It is supplied with the keyboard and indicator LED's.

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