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Cebek DA-04 (CDA04) - Intelligent Melody Activated Access Control Module for Door Bells

Cebek Electronic Modules

The Cebek DA-04 is an intelligent "melody" activated access control module for use in conjunction with a door bell and solenoid operated door lock. It will only allow access when the correct "melody" is played on the bell push.

You can record your own personal "melody" and it is stored in non-volatile memory for subsequent comparison. The module will only activate the control relay when the person who presses the bell push plays exactly the same "melody" as previously recorded. Otherwise, the bell will just ring as normal.

The relay output time is adjustable between 1 and 4 seconds. The module includes auto-blocking against failed access attempts (5 minutes or power-off reset), outputs to open door, push button for the ring, LED's and on-board buzzer (that can be disabled). The personalised melody can be re-recorded as required.

Door solenoid, bell push, door bell, power supply, etc. are not included.

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