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Cebek CD-44 (CCD044) - 4-Digit Up/Down Counter Module (Preset - Memory - Relay - 13mm Digits)

Cebek Electronic Modules

The Cebek CD-44 module is a 4-digit UP / DOWN counter with Preset, Last-Count Memory, Output Relay, Reset and a 13mm LED display.

Preset allows you to set a number in count UP mode. Once this number is reach the relay activates and the count stops (ideal for process control automation).

Count starts at zero and increases by one digit (to a maximum of 9999) each time a count impulse is received. It can also count down, subtracting from the count.

Count input accepts a simple make contact closure (e.g. a push button, relay closure) or injection of an external pulse (5Vdc).

Last-Count Memory feature automatically stores the count status on an internal E2prom when the module is switched off.

The counter has a Reset input to zero the count and display.

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