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Cebek CD-26 (CCD026) - Digital Clock/Date/Thermometer Driver (Multiplexed 4-Digit Output)

Cebek Electronic Modules

The Cebek CD-26 module is a digital Clock, Date and Thermometer module with a 4 digit multiplexed output to drive 7-segment LED display modules.

The module can output just the clock signal, the thermometer only or both (with the output cycling between the two). In cycling mode the time to output each signal can be adjusted between 1 and 18 seconds.

The clock function outputs Hour and Minute signals in a 24 Hour format. The circuit uses a Quartz oscillator to provide a high degree of accuracy.

The thermometer can be set to output degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit. The measurement range -23 to 105°C.

A backup battery input is provided to prevent memory loss should the main supply be disconnected.

It can be used to drive Cebek displays CD-23, CD-24, CD-53 or CD-54.

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