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Cebek CD-22 (CCD022) - Digital LED Clock and Thermometer Display Module (58mm Digits)

Cebek Electronic Modules

The Cebek CD-22 module is a large digital LED clock and thermometer display module with 58mm high digits.

The 4-digit display can be set to show the Clock only, the Thermometer only or both (with the display cycling between the two). The cycling rate can be adjusted between 1 and 18 seconds.

The Clock function displays Hours and Minutes in a 24 Hour format. The circuit uses a Quartz oscillator to provide a high degree of accuracy.

The Thermometer can be set to display degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit. The measurement range is -23 to 105°C.

A backup battery input is provided to prevent memory loss should the main supply be disconnected.

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