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Cebek CD-17 (CCD017) - Control Keyboard Module with 4-Digit BCD and Relay Output

Cebek Electronic Modules

The Cebek CD-17 module is a control keypad with BCD output for use with BCD digital display modules.

Numbers of up to 4 digits entered on the keyboard are output in BCD format. In addition to this, the controller provides the following optional functions:

  • Automatic Relay Activation: Turns relay on for 1.5 seconds each time a new number is input or you reset display
  • Flashing Display: Sets the display to constantly flash the digits on and off
  • Power Saving Function: Automatically removes any leading zeros from the BCD output signal so turns the unused displays off

The relay can also be manually activated at any time (even if Automatic Relay Activation mode is set to on).

The CD-17 can be used with Cebek BCD digital display modules CD-10, CD-11, CD-28, CD-29, CD-40 and CD-41.

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