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Cebek CD-16 (CCD016) - Chronometer Driver Module with 4-Digit BCD Output

Cebek Electronic Modules

The Cebek CD-16 module is a 0-99 minute or 0-99 hour chronometer with Preset and a 4 digit BCD output to drive BCD digital display modules.

Functions include Count Up/Down, Start/Stop, Reset and Next.

The Preset function allows you to set a stop time. When this is reached the chronometer will stop and the on-board output relay activates. The relay is switched off using the Reset input or deactivate the Preset option.

It includes screw terminals blocks, indicator LED's and an audible sounder.

The CD-46 can be used with four Cebek digital display modules CD-10, CD-11, CD-28 or CD-29, or one CD-41.

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