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C7567 (C-7567) - DIN RAIL Mounting, 72 x 98.75mm

C7567 DIN RAIL Mounting for 72mm wide x 98.75mm deep printed circuit boards. Allows you to mount the PCB onto a DIN-RAIL in an easy, secure and economical manner. Support is supplied with the base, two lateral parts and feet

Dimensions quoted refer to the PCB’s width and depth. The total external dimension can be calculated by respectively adding 5.6 and 2.5mm to the width and the length.

They are made of auto extinguishing Polyamide-66 (UL94-V2). Specially recommend for use with power supplies modules, input/output interface modules, optocouplers, relays modules, controllers, devices for solar energy and all circuits requiring an installation on a standard DIN-RAIL.

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