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C-CAM2A-CCIR/EIA - Miniature Monochrome Camera Module with Lens (OV5116)

C-CAM2A is a very small (just 16x16x15mm), low cost, extremely light (just 2.9 grams), low power consumption camera with a consistent image quality.

It uses a high quality OV5116 Omnivision sensor and can be connected directly to a standard video monitor.

C-CAM2A turns a complete video camera into a component of your product and is specially designed for cost sensitive consumer electronics applications.

Visual Door Phone, Video conferencing, Security system, Toys and Models


Model # C-CAM2A-CCIR is the 50Hz version used in the UK and most other countries.

Model # C-CAM2A-EIA is the 60Hz version for north America only. Both versions are supplied with an f4.9 lens as standard.

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