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EPL075 - 75 in 1 Electronic Projects Lab Kit (MX-905)

Ability Level 2: NormalAbility Level 1: EasyThe 75 in 1 Electronic Projects Lab Kit will start you on the road to a great hobby or career in electronics. It contains all the parts and instructions to assemble 75 educational and fun experiments and circuits. It is used by many educational establishments.

Build a Timer Buzzer, Burglar Alarm, Photo-level Alarm, Electronic Coin Toss, Motion LED, Electronic Organ, First-Aid Siren, Pulse Width Modulation, Sound Level Meter, Four-level Photometer and more.

Comes with built-in speaker, transformer, rotary and push switches, resistors, LDR, capacitors, diode, LEDs, transistors and an quad op-amp integrated circuit.

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