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651.010UK - Step Up Mains Voltage Converter 110V < 230Vac, 45 Watt

Small plug-in mains converter allowing UK 220-230Vac powered mains devices (rated up to 45 Watts) to be powered from a 110Vac 3-pin (earthed) mains outlet.

The converter can be used with loads of up to 45 Watts MAXIMUM (about 0.2 Amps).

  • The output voltage is twice the input voltage
  • Output frequency equals input frequency
  • Maximum Output: 45 Watts - please check this is sufficient!
  • 110Vac North American 3-pin style plug pin (2 flat pins and a round earth pin)
  • For indoor use only
Power supply110Vac
Power max.45 Watts
Output voltage220Vac
Dimensions104 x 65 x 50mm
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