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651.000UK / 651.031UK - Step-Down Voltage Converters 240V > 120Vac, 200/300W

A range of voltage converters that enable a 110 - 120Vac USA mains voltage device to be powered on a 220-240Vac UK mains outlet.

  • Available in power ratings from 200W to 300W
  • Incorporates a neon On/Off switch and front-mounted fuse
  • Connection via a 3-core mains lead
  • Output voltage is half the input voltage

The picture above shows the 120Vac US style 3-pin output socket. This can be used with either the 2-pin flat bladed plugs shown or 3-pin plugs (2 flat pins and round centre pin connected to ground).

Power input lead is fitted with a standard British 3-pin plug.

Suitable for powering electrical equipment such as portable TVs, videos, lamps, small pumps and battery chargers, etc. Equipment with an inductive loads like motor driven appliances (electric drills, fridges, freezers, etc.) can have considerably higher start-up/load currents than their rated value would indicate. Please ensure the peak load does not exceed the converters maximum capacity.

Input220-240Vac, 50Hz220-240Vac, 50Hz
Output120Vac, 50Hz120Vac, 50Hz
Power max.200W300W
Dimensions198 x 136 x 101mm198 x 136 x 101mm

N.B. The output frequency is 50Hz. Please check the intended equipment will run on this frequency. This power supply is NOT suitable for use in North America and most European countries. Operates with 240Vac mains, 50Hz only. Compatible with British Standard BS1363 style 3-pin style mains sockets only as used in United Kingdom, Ireland, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore. We recommend that you purchase an appropriate power supply locally if your country is not included in this list.

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