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4063 - Solar Lead Acid Battery Charger, 12V

This 12V Solar Battery Charger makes and ideal addition to any vehicle fitted with a 12V lead acid battery system. It automatically and continuously trickle charges the battery in all kinds of weather and provides a typical output of 1.8 Watts.

This helps to stop lead acid batteries for deteriorating and also ensures the vehicle is always ready for use.

  • 12Vdc Solar Battery Charger
  • 1.8W typical output
  • Solar panel for recharging car batteries and leisure batteries
  • Able to operate in all kinds of weather
  • Environmentally friendly battery charger
  • UV, rust and shock resistant
  • Cigar lighter plug connection (or hardwire to battery)
  • Approx: 1.8W, 375 x 160 x 20mm