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3193KT - Smart Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) Battery Charger Kit

Ability Level 3: IntermediateProduct Format : Self-Assembly Electronic Kit ( Soldering Required)
Ability Level 3 : Intermediate

This Smart Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) Battery Charger (with Current Limiting) uses a two step process for charging 12V SLA batteries in a fast, yet battery friendly manner. A current limited FAST mode is followed by a constant voltage FLOAT mode.

An onboard LED indicates when the charger is in FAST mode. When the LED goes out the battery is charged and the charger has switched to FLOAT mode.

Supplied with resistors for charging a 10hA battery @ 1A. If you wish to charge a different Ah value battery these can be changed to suit (see documentation below for details).

  • For charging 12V SLA batteries up to 10Ah capacity
  • Resistors supplied for charging a 10hA battery @ 1A
  • current limited FAST mode followed by a constant voltage FLOAT mode
  • onboard LED indicates when FAST mode is active and turns off when battery is charged
  • Extend the life of your SLA battery
  • Eliminate acid leaks

NOTE: During operation the heatsink gets too hot to touch so an enclosure with adequate cooling is recommended.

Input PowerRegulated 19Vdc, 2 amp minimum (e.g. Order Code CFE024)
Output voltage range13 - 18.25Vdc
Output current1.0 Amps Max
Battery Ah rating10Ah maximum
Board Dimensions46x57x30mm
Fuse Holder787.398
Product FormatsSELF-ASSEMBLY Electronic Kit (KT)only Product Formats Info
DocumentationUser Manual
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