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AS3190KT - 4-Ch Computer Temperature Monitor / Relay Control Board

Ability Level 4: AdvancedProduct Formats Available: Pre-Assembled Module (AS) or
Self-Assembly Electronic Kit ( Soldering Required)

4 channel computer serial port temperature monitor and relay controller with four inputs for the Dallas DS18S20 (or DS18B20) digital thermometer sensors. The four relay channels provide output control and are independent of the sensor channels giving you the flexibility to setup the linkage any way you choose.

Commands for reading temperature or controlling relays are sent via the RS232 interface using simple text strings. The board can be controlled with a simple terminal or communications program (such as Windows HyperTerminal) or our free Windows application (see below for details).

Each output is capable of switching resistive loads up to 48Vac/24Vdc @ 5 amps max and have high quality detachable screw terminal block connectors. (*NB The relays are rated to switch up to 240Vac mains voltage but the exposed screw terminal block heads would need to be placed inside a suitable enclosure to prevent exposure to hazardous voltages).

All components provided including one temperature sensor, a high quality case with pre-punched and silk screened front and rear panels to give the kit a professional and attractive finish as shown in the photos. High quality DS PTH PCB.

Application Ideas

This board is an ideal use for old computers - continuous temperature data monitoring and control. A few ideas of how this circuit can be used as given below (additional equipment/software may be required):

  • Simple weather reports for web pages
  • Computer server monitoring
  • Computer power supply temperature warnings
  • Redundant critical systems monitoring
  • House temperature monitoring
  • Complex home automation tasks (start fan if warmer outside during Summer)
  • Refrigerator monitoring and testing
  • Brewing temperature regulation
  • Fish tank heater verification
  • Microclimate logging (ground versus air temperature)
  • Primitive locking (using serial number)
Need More InformationOptional Extras
  • Power Supply: Regulated 12Vdc (Order Code 660.446UK is suitable)
  • This product is supplied with one DS18S20 sensor. You can purchase additional sensors to populate the three remaining positions at GB£4.95 each (see below)
  • cable for sensor connection (Order Code 804.859 or 803.588 - see User Manual for details)
  • M-F Serial Port Lead (Order Code LDC441)
  • optional PCUSB6 for USB connection
Product Format
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