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AS3149EZIFKT - USB / Serial Port PIC Programmer

Ability Level 4: AdvancedProduct Formats Available: Pre-Assembled Module (AS) or
Self-Assembly Electronic Kit ( Soldering Required)

Reliable, high speed, professional quality USB or Serial port Flash PIC® Microcontroller Programmer with optional programming socket and 6-pin ICSP connector. Programs a wide range of both Flash and OTP devices. Auto Program feature for fast no-key-press bulk programming. FREE Windows software interface (see below for details).

6-pin header cable for ICSP supplied (GND, VCC, CLK, DAT, LOW, VPP1). Please note that LV programming is not supported.

The whole package comes at a very competitive price. 3149EKT is supplied with all components (excluding ZIF Socket Order Code ZIF40W) supplied including a top quality double sided PTH PCB (102 x 78mm). All components are through-hole except for the FT232BM. This surface mounted IC is supplied pre-soldered to the board for you. The programmer can also be purchased in Assembled format.


The price includes our own tailor-made and fully functional MicroBurn software interface which is available for free downloading. Software is compatible with Windows 3.1 to 10 (32 and 64 bit versions).

It accepts HEX/Object files and has Program, Verify, Read, Blank Check, OSCAL and Fuse functions. Software tells you where to place the PIC you are programming.

Devices Supported

Devices currently covered by this programmer (when used with the latest version of MicroPro) are listed below. If you only need to program Flash devices please see our AS3150ZIF programmer that requires no external power supply.

Programming Socket Options

3149EKT and AS3149E are supplied as standard with 0.3" Wide DIL IC sockets for programming but for maximum ease of use we recommend the AS3139ZIF which is supplied with a pre-soldered 40-pin Wide ZIF socket.

Optional Extras
  • Power Supply Options: 16-18Vdc centre positive (Order Code 661.130UK) or 12Vdc if only flash devices need to be programmed (Order Code 660.446UK)
  • USB Lead Type A to Type B (Order Code LDC644) and/or M-F Serial Port Lead (Order Code LDC441)
  • 40-pin Wide ZIF socket (Order Code ZIF40W) for use with 3149EKT or AS3149E (see Programming Socket Options above for details)
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