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AS3148KT - 4 Digit Timer Motherboard KIT with 3148T0 Down Counter Firmware

Ability Level 3: IntermediateProduct Formats Available: Pre-Assembled Module (AS) or
Self-Assembly Electronic Kit ( Soldering Required)

4-digit LED timer with an open collector output comprising a Motherboard and one pre-programmed firmware chip, the 3148T0 Programmable Countdown Timer (1 to 10,000 seconds) that provides 4 operation modes:

  • Timer Stop, Output Hold
  • Timer Overrun, Output Hold
  • Auto Reset, Pulse Output
  • Timer Overrun, Pulse Output
Other Firmware Options

The operation of the Motherboard can be changed with 5 other optional pre-programmed firmware chips:

  • F3148T1 - Simple Photographic Preset Countdown Timer (60, 90 120, 300, 600 & 900 Seconds) - 2 Second output on completion
  • F3148T2 - Stopwatch Timer - Hours, Minutes, Seconds and Hundredths with Pause (99H 59M 59.99S) - 20mS output every minute
  • F3148T3 - 40KHz Auto Ranging Frequency Meter
  • F3148T4 - Programmable Countdown Timers (1-10,000 Minutes) - same operating modes as T0
  • F3148T5 - Programmable Countdown Timers (1-10,000 Hours) - same operating modes as T0

The motherboard requires NO modification to work with any of the firmware chips above. The only change is the software that we program into the microcontroller. All you have to do is remove one firmware and replace it with another.

Ordering InformationFirmware Specifications

Please refer to the individual firmware documentation for detailed operational information.

  1. F3148T0 - Programmable Countdown Timer (1 - 10,000 Seconds) - supplied as standard with the kit version
  2. F3148T1 - Simple Photographic Preset Countdown Timer (60 - 900 Seconds)
  3. F3148T2 - Stopwatch Timer - Hours, Minutes, Seconds and Hundredths with Pause (99H 59M 59.99S)
  4. F3148T3 - 40KHz Auto Ranging Frequency Meter
  5. F3148T4 - Programmable Countdown Timer (1 - 10,000 Minutes)
  6. F3148T5 - Programmable Countdown Timer (1 - 10,000 Hours)
Motherboard Specifications

The motherboard has an active low open collector transistor output (NPN, 100mA @ 30V). This can be used with to drive our 3156 relay boards or the 3141 delay timer board. Please refer to individual firmware documentation for details of how the output behaves.

Connections: DC IN, RESET, OUTPUT, STOP and START are brought out to a 10-way header strip for easy connection.

START and STOP buttons are provided on the board for easy setting-up.

Supply9...15V dc
e.g. Order Code 660.446UK with connector 778.106
Current30 - 50mA max.
InputsStart / Stop / Reset (Active low - see documentation)
Output TypeOpen collector NPN transistor, 100mA @ 30V
(see Help Sheet)
Display4-digit 7-segment with decimal point, 14mm RED LED
Board Dimensions51x66mm
Connections10 pin SIL header
Product FormatsSELF-ASSEMBLY Electronic Kit (KT) or
PRE-ASSEMBLED Electronic Module (AS) Product Formats Info
Documentation3148 Motherboard (and 3148T0 Firmware)
Download All 3148 User Manuals
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