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3133 - 10-14V PIR Motion Detector Module

This fully assembled 12V PIR Motion Detector module is just 27mm square and uses the latest SMT. It is similar to the 3076R PIR detector module that we sell but with the following differences:

  • AS3133 accepts a higher 10-14Vdc supply;
    3076R operates at 4-12Vdc
  • AS3133 output is active LOW, open collector output;
    3076R is active HIGH output, open collector output
  • AS3133 is 27mm x 27mm;
    3076R is 25mm x 35mm
  • AS3133 has 3 pins directly off the board;
    3076R has a 50mm cable
  • AS3133 can be used with our 3156 relay board or 3141 timer board;
    3076R can be used with our CT0004, 3156 or 1168 relay boards or 3141 timer board

Supplied fully assembled with Fresnel lens and ready to use (picture above shows two units - one with lens removed).

Input Voltage10-14V dc
Operation current at 10-14V600uA
Standby current400uA
Output voltage0.2V
Output duration0.5 seconds minimum
Lens Angle (degrees)100H x 60V
Lens diameter24mm
Module dimensions27 x 27 x 18 mm
Product FormatPRE-ASSEMBLED Electronic Module Format Product Formats Info
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