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AS3113KT - PC Controlled Dual Stepper Motor Driver

Ability Level 4: AdvancedProduct Formats Available: Pre-Assembled Module (AS) or
Self-Assembly Electronic Kit ( Soldering Required)

Independently control two unipolar stepper motors (each rated up to 1 Amp max without additional cooling) using a PC parallel port and the free software interface provided. Four digital inputs are also provided for monitoring external switches and other inputs.

A DOS based software program (also runs under Windows 3.11 and 9x) written specifically to drive stepper motors is included, complete with C source code. Software provides three run modes and will half-step, single-step or manual-step motors.

Unit is neatly housed in an extended D-shell case. All components including double sided PCB, case and documentation supplied. Software is a free download. Stepper motors are not provided.

Motor Rating1A standard
Up to 3A max. with additional cooling
Digital Inputs5.1 - 15Vdc max
Computer InterfaceParallel Port
Finished Dimensions55W x 70L x 15H mm
ConnectionsM/F D25 connectors
Product FormatsSELF-ASSEMBLY Electronic Kit (KT) or
PRE-ASSEMBLED Electronic Module (AS) Product Formats Info
DocumentationUser Manual
  • This item requires a M-F parallel port lead (Order Code LDC136)
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