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30A16-Rx - 4-Channel 434MHz Receiver Module 3302D4-15(2A1)

4-Button Automicro 434MHz Transmitter / Receiver modules with rolling code making it close-to-impossible to electronically crack. Used in our AS3180 and AS3181 but available here as just the Tx / Rx units for you to incorporate into your own circuits.

Picture shows the pre-built, aligned and tested keychain transmitter (left) and receiver module (right).

Whether you want to control a garage door or gate, a car and/or home alarm, or perhaps remotely turn lights or anything else on or off, this high-security system is just what you're looking for! 40 metre range (line of sight).

The Tx and Rx modules sold separately.

  • User Manual
  • Replacement transmitter battery Order Code 656.007
  • NB 30A16-Tx units will ONLY work with 30A16-Rx units and NOT remote control systems made by other manufacturers

Matching transmitter modules available (Order Code 30A16-Tx)

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