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3092KT - IR Remote Control and Decoder IC Kit

Ability Level 4: AdvancedProduct Format : Self-Assembly Electronic Kit ( Soldering Required)
Ability Level 4 : Advanced

Contains all of the parts you needs to build infrared remote control into your design. Each button press on the remote produces a momentary (i.e. only active whilst key is pressed) corresponding active low signal on one of 14 output pins of the decoder IC (normal state is high).

You can build these components into your own circuit where remote control is required. For example, to control up to 14 relays or to control the movement of a robot.

The "Infrared Remote Control and Decoder IC Pack" comprises:

  1. One fully assembled 14-button Infra Red Remote Control unit with 20 metre range (indoors). Requires 2 x AAA batteries (Order Code 656.013)
  2. One 3-pin Infrared Receiver Module which converts the modulated 38kHz signal into data pulses
  3. One pre-programmed ATMEL AT89C2051-24PC microcontroller decoder IC that decodes the IR data pulses from the remote control into one of 14 active low outputs
  4. One set of microcontroller supporting components comprising
    • a 12MHz crystal and capacitors for the oscillator
    • a resistor, capacitor and diode for the power-on reset
    • two 10K pull-up resistors
    • plus a resistor and LED for testing purposes

No PCB is supplied or components for the microcontroller outputs. User can breadboard their circuit and make their own PCB.

A sample application/test circuit is provided. Similar to the microcontroller used in our 12-Channel Infrared Relay Board (Product Code 3142).

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