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AS3088KT - 10W Stereo Amplifier (TDA2009A)

Ability Level 2: ModerateProduct Formats Available : Pre-Assembled Module (AS) or
Self-Assembly Electronic Kit ( Soldering Required)

The TDA2009A is a monolithic hi-fi quality audio power amplifier IC with dual class AB outputs, designed for high quality stereo applications.

Supplied with components for either 27dB (standard) or 36dB (high) gain. The standard gain option is ideal for general audio applications and will provide lower noise and distortion when driven by most CD/MP3/tape players etc. A heatsink is provided

Input Voltage
8 - 24Vdc
Current Consumption1 - 2 Amps
Output Power10 Watts/channel (4 Ohms, 24Vdc supply)
6 Watts/channel (8 Ohms, 24Vdc supply)
4 Watts/channel (4 Ohms, 12Vdc supply)
Output impedance4 - 8 Ohms
Gain27dB standard gain or 36 dB high gain (see Product Documentation link below for details)
Input~ 300 mV, G = 27 dB
~ 100 mV, G = 36 dB
S/N ratio> 85 dB (G = 27 dB)
> 75 dB (G = 36 dB)
THD< 0.2 % at 5W
Freq. response<20 Hz to >50 kHz 3 dB
~ 10 Hz to 300 kHz G=27dB
Heatsink Dimensions30 x 30 x 30 mm
Board Dimensions45 x 80mm excluding heatsink
ConnectionsScrew terminal blocks
Product FormatsSELF-ASSEMBLY Electronic Kit (KT) or
PRE-ASSEMBLED Electronic Module (AS) Product Formats Info
DocumentationUser Manual
TDA2009A IC Data Sheet
Amplifier Power Supply General Advice