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3079KT - 3-In-1 LDR Light Switch Educational Kits

Ability Level 2: ModerateProduct Format : Self-Assembly Electronic Kit ( Soldering Required)
Ability Level 2 : Moderate

This product is our kits 3079A, 3079B and 3079C all supplied in one box. Each kit is supplied complete with all components and separate PCBs. Ideal for education use.

Each circuit is a simple well tried design. One uses two transistors in a super-Darlington set-up. The second uses the LM741 op-amp, and the third uses a Schmidt trigger design.

Each board has a PCB-mounted switch to convert the circuit from light to dark switching and vice versa. All board have an SPDT relay output rated to switch resistive loads of up to 2 Amps @ 48Vac or 28Vdc max.

SupplyRegulated 12Vdc (Order Code 660.446UK with connector 778.106)
Output1 x SPDT Relay
Maximum Output
Load (Resistive)
Up to 48Vac or 28Vdc @ 2 Amps max. (Relay Datasheet)
Output ConnectionsNO, NC, C (Relay FAQ)
Board ConnectionsScrew terminal blocks
Product FormatsSELF-ASSEMBLY Electronic Kit (KT) Product Formats Info
Documentation3079A User Manual
3079B User Manual
3079C User Manual
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