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3076R - 4-12V PIR Motion Detector Module

Fully assembled and tested Passive Infra Red (PIR) motion detector module measuring just 35x25x16mm as used in commercially made alarm systems. It can be used for detecting the presence of people, animals and other moving heat sources. Detection range is up to 8 metres.

Requires only three connections: V+, GND and OUT. Supply voltage may be from 4-12Vdc (see Order Code 3133 for a 10-14Vdc, active low version of this product).

The output is a TTL active high going pulse with a minimum duration of 0.5 seconds that remains active as long as motion is detected. The output can be directly connected to a microcontroller, logic device or used to switch an external load via a relay (e.g. Order Code 1168, 3156, CT0004), timer board (e.g. Order Code 3141), opto-coupler (e.g. MOC3021) or triac. The low impedance (<35 Ohm) enables it to directly drive a small 100 Ohm relay through a 150uF series capacitor.

The modules main components are a PCB mounted Fresnel lens, an RE200B PIR sensor and a custom-made, surface mount movement detector IC.

Supply4-12Vdc (use a regulated supply like our 660.446UK with connector 778.106 or 777.001 is suitable)
Operating current400uA at 5V
Power up delay25 seconds
Fixing Holes4 x M3 @ 19x30mm centres
Product FormatFully assembled module Product Formats Info
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