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EPL300 - 300 in 1 Electronic Project Lab Kit (MX-908)

Ability Level 4: AdvancedAbility Level 1: NoviceThe 300 in 1 Electronic Project Lab Kit contains all the parts and instructions to assemble 300 educational and fun experiments and circuits. It is used by many educational establishments.

Build a transistor radio, IC organ, burglar alarm, battery checker, delayed timer, electronic game, voltage controlled amplifier, multiplier, multiple counter, digital light dimmer, tone burst generator, audio signal tracer, electronic candle, voice level meter, metal detector, rain detector, voltage drop alarm, logic checker, function generator and many more.

Comes with built-in speaker, 7-segment LED display, breadboard area, seven integrated circuits, rotary controls and lots of other components.

The 300 projects cover 11 areas of electronics of electronics and include:

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