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Velleman Project Kits Range

Velleman Project Kits Range
Velleman Project Kits Range

Velleman Project Kits Range - Authorised UK Main Dealer Distributor Stockist

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We stock the complete range of Velleman Kits in our UK based warehouse and offer economy & express shipping options plus fast despatch to any destination worldwide.

The Velleman Kit (K) range are self-assembly electronic kits that require soldering and are supplied with PCB, components and assembly instructions. They cover a wide range of hobby, educational & industrial applications.

All Velleman kits are CE approved (view Velleman Kits CE Declaration of Conformity).

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Velleman K1803 - Universal Mono Pre-Amplifier Electronic Kit

K1803 Universal Mono Pre-Amplifier electronic kit was developed as pre-module for a number of audio applications where the input signal is too weak. Applications as a microphone pre-amplifier or for level correction...

£4.34 +VAT, £5.21 Inc
In Stock
Velleman K1823 - Regulated Power Supply 1.5-35Vdc, 1A Electronic Kit

K1823 Regulated Power Supply KIT. Provides a variable regulated output from 1.5V and 35V dc at 1 Amp max. current...

£4.85 +VAT, £5.82 Inc
In Stock
Velleman K2543 - Electronic Transistor Ignition Electronic Kit

K2543 Electronic Transistor Ignition electronic kit gives your car the feel of an expensive luxury car. Better starting and smoother running, particularly at very high and very low RPM...

£10.95 +VAT, £13.14 Inc
In Stock
Velleman K2570 - AC/DC-DC Universal Power Supply Electronic Kit, 5-14V, 1A

K2570 Universal AC/DC to DC Power Supply electronic kit suits many kits requiring a regulated power supply between 5 and 14Vdc, and no more than 1A...

£7.65 +VAT, £9.18 Inc
In Stock
Velleman K2572 - Universal Stereo Pre-Amplifier Electronic Kit

K2572 Universal Stereo Pre-Amplifier electronic kit is a universal low-noise stereo pre-amplifier...

£6.95 +VAT, £8.34 Inc
In Stock
Velleman K2573 - RIAA Stereo Pre-Amplifier Electronic Kit for MD Phono Pick-Ups

Circuit uses a TL072 Low-Noise JFET-Input Operational Amplifier IC featuring high slew rates, low-input bias and offset currents, and low offset-voltage temperature coefficient. Low harmonic distortion and low noise for high-fidelity and audio pre-amplifier applications..

£8.20 +VAT, £9.84 Inc
In Stock
Velleman K2579 - Universal Start/Stop Delay Timer Electronic Kit

K2579 Universal Start/Stop Timer electronic kit is a miniature relay timer for applications requiring a turn-off delay of up to 15 minutes. Delay time is user adjustable...

£4.95 +VAT, £5.94 Inc
In Stock
Velleman K2599 - Windshield Wiper, Robot or Interval Timer Electronic Kit

K2599 Windshield Wiper, Robot or Interval Timer electronic kit provides up to 3 different time intervals (2 - 10 - 15 seconds) can be selected for the windshield wipers of your car...

£8.95 +VAT, £10.74 Inc
In Stock
Velleman K2601 - 230Vac Mains Stroboscope Electronic Kit

K2601 Stroboscope electronic kit is a flashing light effects for discos. Make your own snapshots and "lightning" light effects...

£12.05 +VAT, £14.46 Inc
In Stock
Velleman K2604 - Police Siren Electronic Kit

K2604 Police Siren electronic kit allows you to enter the world of amazing electronic sounds and noises. Create or imitate sirens of all kinds by adjusting 3 trimmers...

£6.95 +VAT, £8.34 Inc
In Stock
Velleman K2622 - AM / FM Antenna Amplifier Electronic Kit

K2622 AM/FM Antenna Amplifier electronic kit provides 22dB gain wherever you need it. DC power supply directly or via the coax cable...

£9.85 +VAT, £11.82 Inc
In Stock
Velleman K2625 - Digital Tachometer Electronic Kit

K2625 Digital Tachometer SELF-ASSEMBLY electronic kit is for cars or motorcycles with 2 and 4 stroke petrol engines with any number of cylinders and contact breaker or electronic ignition systems. May be used as a general purpose revolution counter...

£21.95 +VAT, £26.34 Inc
In Stock
Velleman K2633 - Relay Card Electronic Kit

K2633 Relay Card (4 Channel) electronic kit makes connecting a number of relays to the outputs of an electronic circuit very simple...

£10.95 +VAT, £13.14 Inc
In Stock
Velleman K2634 - Quad Triac Switch Card Electronic Kit

4 channel opto-isolated high-speed solid state triac based switching alternative to slow mechanical relay boards. Each output can switch 24 - 240Vac, 0.5 Amp Uncooled (4A Max cooled). Control Inputs: 9-12Vdc, 10 - 20mA. 9Vdc powered...

£12.05 +VAT, £14.46 Inc
In Stock
Velleman K2636 - AC Motor Speed Controller Kit, 24...240Vac, 5.5A

K2636 Universal AC Motor Speed Controller electronic kit. Designed to control AC motors (24-240Vac, 5.5A) with carbon brushes (drilling machine, vacuum cleaner, saw, ...). High torque, even at low r.p.m...

£13.95 +VAT, £16.74 Inc
In Stock
Velleman K2639 - Liquid level Controller Electronic Kit

K2639 Liquid level Controller electronic kit can be used in a wide variety of applications - you forget to turn off the tap, the washing machine leaks, the water level in your aquarium drops, the water tank is empty or suddenly overflows, there's water in your cellar, etc...

£10.95 +VAT, £13.14 Inc
In Stock
Velleman K2644 - Frost Indicator Electronic Kit

K2644 Frost Indicator electronic kit can help you drive more safely in freezing weather...

£6.49 +VAT, £7.79 Inc
In Stock
Velleman K3400 - Dual Dice Electronic Kit

No cheating with the K3400 Dual Electronic Dice electronic kit when the result is displayed on this electronic dice for all too see...

£8.75 +VAT, £10.50 Inc
Out Of Stock
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