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Sound Generator Electronic Kits

Sound Generator Electronic Kits
Sound Generator Electronic Kits
A wide range of sound generator and sound effect kits and modules for hobby, education & industrial applications
Velleman K2604 - Police Siren Electronic Kit

K2604 Police Siren electronic kit allows you to enter the world of amazing electronic sounds and noises. Create or imitate sirens of all kinds by adjusting 3 trimmers...

£6.95 +VAT, £8.34 Inc
In Stock
Velleman K4401 - Sound Generator Electronic Kit (Sirens, Guns, Music)

K4401 Sound Generator electronic kit is an ideal device for DJ's, jingles for radio stations or just to attract attention. With one output for direct connection to a speaker and one line output for connecting to a mixer panel or amplifier...

£13.95 +VAT, £16.74 Inc
In Stock
Velleman K6600 - Multitone Chime Electronic Kit

K6600 Multitone Chime electronic kit is a simple and economic way of generating electronic tones. This kit is primarily intended for use as a replacement for the traditional mechanical doorbell. Of course, it can also be used for many other types of applications...

£12.05 +VAT, £14.46 Inc
In Stock
Velleman MK104 - Electronic Cricket Electronic Kit

MK104 Electronic Cricket electronic construction kit can be used for recreational purposes or to simulate a hot summer night...

£5.01 +VAT, £6.01 Inc
In Stock
Velleman MK113 - Siren Sound Generator Electronic Kit

MK113 Siren Sound Generator electronic construction mini kit generates 4 different sounds: police siren, fire brigade, emergency vehicle and laser gun...

£4.95 +VAT, £5.94 Inc
In Stock
Velleman MK134 - Steam Engine Sound Generator Electronic Kit

MK134 Steam Engine Sound Generator electronic construction kit generates the sound of a vintage steam engine...

£5.55 +VAT, £6.66 Inc
In Stock
Velleman MK140 - Karaoke Electronic Kit

MK140 Karaoke electronic construction mini kit is a clever but low cost device that allows you to sing along to your favourite music by reducing the original vocals on most stereo recordings...

£8.75 +VAT, £10.50 Inc
In Stock
Velleman MK171 - Voice Changer Electronic Kit

MK171 Voice Changer electronic construction kit allows you to operate your lighting simply by clapping your hands...

£5.95 +VAT, £7.14 Inc
In Stock
Velleman MK177 - Ding Dong Electronic Kit

MK177 Ding Dong electronic construction mini kit provides a classic 'ding dong' sound and is supplied complete with speaker and enclosure...

£5.01 +VAT, £6.01 Inc
In Stock
Velleman MK182 - Digital Echo Chamber Electronic Kit

MK182 Digital Echo Chamber SELF-ASSEMBLY electronic kit is a great audio effect tool proving a range of echo effects! Can be used for various audio systems, karaoke, P.A. toys, or just for fun,....

£8.95 +VAT, £10.74 Inc
In Stock
1029KT - Police Sounds Electronic Siren Driver Kit

A siren driver capable of producing four different sounds one of which is a simple tone and the others are more complex sounds similar to the sirens used by the police cars, ambulances and the FBI...

£9.96 £7.97 +VAT, £9.56 Inc (Save 20%)
In Stock
1035KT - Sci-fi Sound Effects Kit

Any science fiction fan will enjoy this space age effects unit. Recreate those mysterious sounds from outer space with this fascinating and fun project...

£7.46 +VAT, £8.95 Inc
Out Of Stock
1045KT - Sound Effects Generator Kit

This easy-to-build project will enable you to create a diverse range of interesting and unusual sound effects...

From £10.79 +VAT, £12.95 Inc
In Stock
1131KT - Robot Voice Effect Kit

An interesting project that will distort your voice and make it sound similar to a robot or DALEK...

£9.96 £6.63 +VAT, £7.96 Inc (Save 33%)
In Stock
AS3031KT - 9V Air Raid Alarm Siren Kit

A surprising loud siren for such a simple circuit. It uses a voltage controlled oscillator to drive the 1W loudspeaker provided...

£9.96 +VAT, £11.95 Inc
In Stock
3104KT - Music Box Engine Electronic Kit

This electronic equivalent of a mechanical music box plays eight Christmas songs and five other tunes including Yesterday and Love Story...

Buy 1-9: £10.79 +VAT, £12.95 Inc Each
Buy 10-23: £9.17 +VAT, £11.00 Inc Each
Buy 24+: £8.63 +VAT, £10.36 Inc Each
In Stock
Cebek SB-1 (CSB001) - Sirens Sound Generator Module

Sound generator module with 3 different siren sounds : Police - Ambulance - Fire. Supplied with a small loudspeaker...

£7.50 +VAT, £9.00 Inc
In Stock
Cebek SB-4 (CSB004) - 3-Tones Sound Generator Module

3-tones sound generator module reproduces the sounds found in airports, train stations, etc. Supplied with a small loudspeaker...

£12.03 +VAT, £14.44 Inc
In Stock
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