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8A DPDT Mains Relay Specifications

Safety Notes

The current and voltage ratings detailed on the relay datasheet below apply to the relay only. They do not apply to the printed circuit board connecting tracks which may have a significantly lower current and voltage rating. Please ensure that the load connected to a relay output does not exceed that specified in the product documentation. This is a double pole relay so both poles are used where the rating quoted is higher than 8 Amps.


WARNING: Connecting relay outputs to high voltages

Electrical safety precautions and requirements should be observed where the product User Manual allows connection of loads exceeding 45Vac. The installation, testing and commissioning should only be performed by competent persons, or under supervision of a competent person. A suitable isolating enclosure must be used. Mains Electricity Info


Delay Datasheet

The relay manufacturer may vary but Hongfa HF115F series relays are most often supplied (if not an equivalent of equal or higher specification will be substituted).


Basic Relay Help

If you are new to relays please read our: