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Cebek T-11 (CT011) - 8-Channel Isolated IO 230Vac TRIAC Board Module

Cebek Electronic Modules

8 channel opto-isolated IO board with triac output for controlling resistive ac mains loads (e.g. lamps, resistors, etc). The optocouplers electrically isolate the control signal of each input from the corresponding triac output.

The inputs accept any trigger signal between 3 and 24V dc and the corresponding output will be activated and maintained till the input voltage decreases to zero. The maximum load for each output is 230Vac/500 Watts. All outputs are fed from a common power supply input.

Reverse polarity protection. Screw terminal blocks for all connections.

This module is NOT suitable for use with inductive loads (like transformers, neon lamps, halogen lamps with transformer, motors, pumps, etc).

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